About Us

Bitcoin Creates Internet History for Advertisers

We are a team

As a team, we have developed a platform with perfect planning and strategy for advertising companies or people that allowed you to advertise your business for 100 years without any problem and even customer support. All collected Bitcoins will be donated to different charity organizations according to your wish. Make your investment at the right place because we’re planning to be around for a very long time!

Our Goal For 100 Years

With development of online trading, we have created an unique idea to make Bitcoins useful for something other than trading. Something that will last on the internet for decades. We and our teams believe Bitcoin is the future of money. With only 10 years of existence, nothing else in the whole financial history has evolved so fast and so high. It’s a really good performance in the internet world.

Similarly, we have developed a placement website for you so that you get perfect placement for your logo for 100 years. It’s World First Bitcoin Page where you get your placement easily without any problem and our goal is to create internet history for advertisers. And before you ask, I want to tell you that Advertise Bitcoin is currently registered for 10 years, but we have set it for auto-renewal every year so it lasts forever.


Yes, it’s really easy to buy. You only need to fill out some billing details and some additional information. After filling these common information. You will go on the next page and can send bitcoin easily. After a short while, your logo will show up permanently on our site. And we provide logo placement according to your decision. Where you want to place your logo with us, All Bitcoins we collect will be donated to different charity organizations. You check prices here.

Don’t be left behind, buy your block space today with us quickly and easily and own a piece of history one decade at a time!

Something About US

A team of engineers from Atlanta, Georgia came together and came out with a perfect way to use bitcoins other than trading. They came out with a website called AdvertiseBitcoin.com which will be around for a very long time. Well how long? Well, let’s say 100 years! That’s right you read it correctly, one century which is not something anyone has claimed before on the internet.

We are offering advertisers or people to buy pixels with their bitcoins but get this, half of their bitcoins earned will go to bitcoin donation centers another half will go for an operation. This concept of keeping around a website for that many years has not been thought about before. This is what makes this site unique and interesting idea. There are 1 million pixel boxes and they are selling 100 pixels at a minimum of 0.01 BTC. If you want to purchase more pixels because your logo is bigger or you want more space, simply go to Buy Bitcoin Pixels and place your order and start the process.