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We are so confident in providing Excellent bitcoin advertisement service or placement in the world to people and advertising companies. Here, you can easily place your logo and shortly after that your logo will show up permanently. Our excellent customer support always helps you to solve your problems. If you are worried about buying pixels. Buying pixels is easy! Simply, register a free account with us and After a short while, your logo will show up permanently on our site.

Our Mission

We are here for helping people or advertising companies to buy Pixel space for getting a placement on a site that will soon get traffic and stay around for 100 years. All Bitcoins we collect will be donated to different charity organizations. We have made a very easy and convenient system for people and advertising companies so that they get their placement right now easily and their logo will show up permanently on our site.

WE ARE HERE FOR 100 years

However, we will provide excellent service for 100 years not only 10 years. We are designing and planning our unique project for donating all Bitcoins to different donation places. Our most important aim is for donation centers who can sign up and register their donation centers through us very easily and quickly without any hesitation or problem. In any condition, our professionals are here to resolve your problems perfectly. So we can send Bitcoin as we get more companies on board!


If you are looking to get placement on our site and do not know about this. So, Follow these Steps.

  1. You can go now on our BUY BITCOIN PIXELS page so that you can check our demand to get placements on our site. it’s easy to check only click here and go now.
  2. As you have checked our bitcoins pixels pages and you have decided to buy pixel right now. So, select your quantity and click on add to cart. As you click on the add to cart, you will go on our checkout page.
  3. Now, you need to fill out your details such as Name, Email, etc, and you can pay through your bitcoin wallet.
  4. As you will send Bitcoin to the address we will provide a very relaxed service to you and you can tell us where you’d like to place your logo. After a short while, your logo will show up permanently on our site. All Bitcoins we receive will be donated to different charity organizations without any restriction.